vendredi 13 novembre 2009

ZOHARA - Scorched lips

Zahava Seewald (chanteuse reconnu dans la scène juive) décide en 2004 d’explorer la transposition en musique de poèmes contemporains israéliens et le langage biblique. Après la sélection des poèmes, la chanteuse demande donc a une série de musiciens (et notamment les deux compositeurs Michael Grébil et Stephan Dunkelman) de monter un groupe ponctuel qui composera les musiques de chaque poème retranscrit. Le groupe se prénomme au final Zohara, et sort donc cet excellent opus intitulé « scorched lips ». Comme l’explique Zahava seewald, le projet musical est basé sur la construction de sons électro-acoustiques modernes et sur les sonorités d’instruments anciens ou modernes. Mélange de mélodies originales et d’harmonisations, tout en prenant une vision proche de l’improvisation, les 13 titres proposés par Zohara sont vraiment fabuleux : tantôt inquiétantes (les chuchotements oppressants), tantôt intimiste, les ambiances se multiplient au fil du disque, tout en gardant comme ligne conductrice l’hommage à la langue israélienne au travers de poèmes sublimement chantés par Zahava. La créativité musicale et les arrangements étant particulièrement réussis, le penchant « sombre » du disque vous fera frissonner, tandis que le chant émouvant vous fera frissonner d’émotions...

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  1. "(3 songs missing, sorry for inconvenience. I'm a huge lazy f*cker."

    hehe.. What do you mean by "lazy f*cker"?

    Mediafire did that?
    ...or your got it like that originally, so don't have them?
    .. or don't feel like ripping it again (if you have the disc that is)?


    Thanks anyhow.. - will d/l now :)

  2. by the way... - did you know that it's possible now (i think so anyhow) to upload to Mediafire pieces MORE that 100 mb size...
    Like i saw many times for a while already.. people uploading sometimes to Mediafire file size 150 mb for example etc.. with no problem :)

    In any case .. thanks for the album.. good album!
    .. Went to SoulSeek and found it there also (in HQ VBR) .. and downloaded it there also .. with all 13 songs.. :)

  3. OK.. lol.. - i see .. First 10 songs are in .rar files .. but not 11, 12, 13..
    .. and the quality is 256 kbps (as always when you are uploading your own album)
    .. so that is telling me .. that you DO have this album .. BUT did not feel like uploading them in 2nd file for Mediafire (that is why in future please consider uploading in one piece to Mediafire.. - it should let you)
    In that case.. - lol - you are a lazy f*cker :)
    Like i mean "if down with that .. 2 words for you "go buy it"
    It's irrelavant actually ..
    You can just upload 1 song only from each album and say the same thing "go buy it - if don't like it"
    But your blog looks like all about sharing music..
    So why bother avoiding some songs .. (IF have them of course) ..
    What's the Rush anyhow??
    Let it take you 2 days to put out the album (instead of putting up 3 album in a day)
    Don't see a real rush for it anyhow..
    I d rather see the Full album .. and take you 5 days to get it uploaded, then see album with some songs missing ...
    Just to hear this and that - i can go to Amazon and listen to pieces there (joking)
    Appreciate your blog.. but decided to speak out anyhow..
    That is how i feel..
    Pretty sure i am not the only one who like to have the complete album..
    That is why .. many times already.. - when seeing a song missing (cuz you were "lazy" or cuz Mediafire error) - i went to SS (SoulSeek) and found the album there.. almost always..
    Sometimes same bitrate.. sometimes 320 , sometimes somewhat lower.. but complete..
    Then i grab the missing song(s) .. and if the bitrate at SS is lower than your 256.. i just add the missing song to your folder.. and have Album at 256 and song or two at lower bitrate :-)
    BUT at least the album is complete..

    Go "buy it" .. is completely another story.. and has nothing to do with it really ..
    They ones that want to buy it .. or feel like buying it - WILL go buy it..
    But the ones that won't feel like it - WON'T anyhow :)

    It's just a habbit i have to try and have complete albums :)
    From russian torrent maybe..
    There if moderator sees your album is NOT complete .. or even NOT released by the torrents rules and standards.. - torrent will get shut down pretty fast.. in no time actually .. so it many many times happen there..
    Has to be complete and by the book (especially when it come to Lossless releases (ape, flac etc) ... - preferably to provide EAC log etc etc.. or some other check, like Tau analizer pictures, etc - or torrent will get shut down.. until those are provided))

    take care

  4. Here .. 3 missing tracks:

    Scorched Lips 11-13 (.rar) - Size: 14.63 MB


  5. 11 - 13 above - are VBR (192 - 256 VBR or something like that)

  6. Just few answers for you darkman...

    1. I have all the originals Tzadik, and i'm ripping...
    2. You can download more than 100 mb on mediafire but you need to pay for that. I prefer keeping my money in order to buy more Tzadik lol

    I know you prefer to have the complete record. I understand when you're saying to take some time and to do the things right. But in 95 % of the posts, the records are complete. But sometimes, i'm lazy to cut the record in 2 parts. But i will try to do it just for you ! lol.
    Thank you for ripping the three songs missing. I add it for other people. And thank you for your valuable comments, i really enjoy it !
    take care too !

    ps : "i've got two words for ya, etc..." was a private joke because i was watching a wrestling show while doing the blog. And it's a famous sentence of a wrestler...I'm not judging people with d/l/buy real records. People do what they want, everybody is free ! (and it's a beautiful thing !)

  7. yes yes!))
    It's all good, pk :)

    as to "thanks for ripping 3 missing songs" .. - i didn't rip 'em

    I went to SoulSeek and downloaded them from there.. :)

    As to Mediafire.. - you don't have to pay .. not any longer anyhow...
    You can try uploading something there, say 150 mb or so.. and it will let you .. for free..
    and people can download it for free also..
    My friends uploaded there from free accounts .. and it surprised me too.. but looks like one can do it there now.. (maybe they just don't advertize it)
    Don't know ...
    But pretty sure one can upload there more than 100 mb pieces for free .. somehow

  8. Je suis justement en train de l'écouter. J'adore!